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Sowt ([1]) is a framework based on Swool ([2]).

We have just started a project based on microservices architecture at my job. The team is actually oriented to PHP/Symfony but all resources on the web for microservices are oriented to other technologies such as node or goland...

I have just tested Swoft for personnal purpose last week (by curiosity). The first benchmark by building a PHP 8 docker and swoft was incredible. After warmup, the bootstraping show responses between 1ms and 3ms (on a recent mac pro). Then, I want to see more then I'ave ported the authentification and a route (with services) of or legacy api app. That was a heavy loading route (more that 4s). After async synchronisation, the route (on our dev VM then not a really speed machine, in same conditions) take only 63ms.

My purpose is not to benchmark Swoft for community but, it's clear for me that PHP is a good language to handle microservices apps.

Here are the packages I have developed to perform the test and certainly will be used on our production microservices (I can't put the test app because it contains business privates infos) :

In a word, that is not acted yet but Swoft will probably be used for our project. YES : PHP and microservices are compatible !