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Synchorep is an opensource software to synchronize two directories, that mean reporting all modifications of one to the other and vice versa. At the end of synchronization, both directories will be strictly the same.

This is usefull principaly for nomads who work with a laptop or usb key but may interest also users who want making differencial copy to gain time.

Begin by right click on folder to synchronize... Choose your synchronization type (first time only)... Choose the folder to synchronize with... You can change defaults if you want or associate with a synchronization group. And that's all : synchronization begin and other times you right click you'll be here directly !

> Overview

Here is a brief description of fonctionalities :

  • One click synchronization using contextual menu
  • If we don't want overload the contextual menu, desactivate it and create an icon on desktop to drag folders onto
  • Synchronizations events are stocked in a database which allow detection of deletions litigious cases
  • In case of deletion or litigious cases, the user is asked for what to do
  • No files are deleted or overwriten, but put to trash to avoid data loose
  • The behaviour of synchronizations is customizable (ex : take systematicaly the most recent in case of litigious case without asking). See tutorial for more indications.
  • Synchronization from or to a ftp, a samba or ssh network share which mounted on desktop
  • Detect time differences between local system and remote system
  • Management of synchronizations groups, allow to launch several synchronizations in one click
  • New in version version 1.5 : You can now make differential copy (monodirectionnal synchronization)

> Download

Ubuntu packages

  • Download the debian package (version 1.5.5)
    Double click on package to start install

    The folowing packages are required and on ubuntu they will be installed automatically :
    • libsqlite3-0
    • libgtk2.0-0 (>=2.18.3-1)

  • Nevertheless, for ubuntu users, version 9.10 or newer is required.
  • For kde users see The tips to activate contextual menu.


> Tips

  • Synchrorep contextual menu for kde
    To add the contextual menu in kubuntu or other kde environnement, download this file and put it into the folder "/usr/share/kde4/services/ServiceMenus".
    Reboot and a new entry menu in "Actions" contextual submenu will appeare when you right-click on a folder.
    Note that on kde, network shares are not accessible in synchrorep.

  • Launch a synchronization from applications menu
    To launch a synchronization from applications menu, just create a group with only one synchronization into it

  • Desktop icon
    If you don't want to overchage contextual menu, you can create a desktop icon from configuration panel. Then you'll be able to drag folder on icon to start synchronization.